• Home Health Technology for your Home

    If you’ve stood in queues at the clinic for treatment, isn’t it time you rigged up your place with home health technology and get treatment in the comfort of your home? Revolutionary health technology lets you control devices from your smartphone. The Bediator, for instance, provides ideal room temperatures during the winter. Unlike traditional radiators, […]

  • A House With Technology is a Safe House

    Did you know that today, you are three times less likely to experience a house burglary compared to back in 1995? This is all thanks to home security technology getting more sophisticated. To keep you in the loop about the latest developments in home protection here is a breakdown of the newest technologies. One recent […]

  • Nanotechnology in Food -Is It Good For You

    We are hearing a lot about nanotechnology in food these days, but what it is exactly? It is all about food safety and applies to many different industries. The whole idea behind nanotechnology in food is to inhibit bacterial growth, to extend product shelf life, to improve taste and to improve food safety. while nanotechnology […]

  • Protecting Your Home and Family with Smart Security

    Protecting your home and family is of utmost importance, so when something is wrong at home, the installed security system should do more than just alerting you. Smart security systems are designed to stay ahead of a problem. When coupled with a cloud platform, the system can keep an eye on things at home and […]

  • Green Technology in the Home: The Way for a Sustainable Future

    Recent statistics indicate that more than half a million homes in the UK have turned to green technologies for more sustainable sources of energy. Utilisation of green technology in the home has many benefits. The most significant advantage is reducing dependence on non-renewable energy. Using green technology helps to lessen the production of greenhouse gases. […]

  • Smart technology in the home: Make your home sustainable and efficient

    One of the recent trends in technology innovations is ‘smart home’. Many people have utilised smart technology in the home to automate a wide variety of operations. Most popular smart technology in homes includes smart heating. A smart thermostat is installed to enable the homeowner to control heating using their portable smart device even when […]

  • What is the best new technology in the home?

    There is lots of new technology in the home, some more outrageous than others. Gone are the days where you would prepare baby food, mash it by hand and then serve it up. Now, they have a home appliance that cooks and purees fresh, nutritious baby food in a matter of minutes. And vacuuming, what […]