About the site

An increasing number of technological advances are occurring every day, and we see this not just in industry but in our homes. Technology in the home has come a long way from the standard washing machines. We now have sensors that tell us when someone is at the front door. We can look through security systems even when we are at the other side of the world and check our homes are ok. Technology in the home is now far more accessible to everyday people, not just something for scientists or the wealthy. This blog is to introduce you to what is available, to offer insights into their accessibility, usage, practicality, and cost effectiveness. As the desire and demand grow for sustainability in all things, technology has its part to play, solar panels, windmills, energy savers, and much more are now available for homes. What should you get? Will it do as it says? Is it just a fad? These questions and more will be explored on this blog. Please feel free to send in your questions and queries and certainly share any new tech for the home you get to hear about.

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