What is the best new technology in the home?

There is lots of new technology in the home, some more outrageous than others. Gone are the days where you would prepare baby food, mash it by hand and then serve it up. Now, they have a home appliance that cooks and purees fresh, nutritious baby food in a matter of minutes. And vacuuming, what a tedious chore, especially if you have pets or children. These days, you can have remotely accessed robotic vacuums that do the hard yards for you. Samsung is releasing a refrigerator that takes a picture of your fridge internally, enabling you to check remotely what foods you are running low on. Also, new and hot to the market are flat screen televisions. We’ve had those for years, but have they ever been as thin as your mobile phone? With all the new technology in the home, it is getting very hard to keep up with the Jones’. Do you ever recall watching a television show or movie and they used holograms, and you thought to yourself, “well that is just ridiculous”, bet you’re eating your words now! You can now Bring holograms into your home. That’s right, that unrealistic piece of technology is now accessible in your own home. And better yet, it is a tiny hand-held device. Imagine laying in bed watching a movie crisply projected in front of you or on the ceiling; now that’s living.

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