Green Technology in the Home: The Way for a Sustainable Future

Recent statistics indicate that more than half a million homes in the UK have turned to green technologies for more sustainable sources of energy. Utilisation of green technology in the home has many benefits. The most significant advantage is reducing dependence on non-renewable energy. Using green technology helps to lessen the production of greenhouse gases. Solar panels and solar water heaters were the first green technologies to be installed in homes. A significant number of people have also insulated their property to reduce the need for constant heating. Recently, homeowners have installed other forms of green technology in the home to harness other renewable energy sources. A homeowner should first decide what he wants to achieve with the green technology he chooses. For instance, one can purpose to reduce the carbon dioxide produced by heating systems. A large solar system or wind turbine can be a good choice. Also, domestic biomass boilers that use woodchip as fuel produce 30 times less carbon dioxide compared to oil and gas heating systems. Other homes are now using heat pumps that extract heat from the air or underground. A homeowner with adequate space for underground heat pumps can consider going underground for sustainability. Every homeowner in the UK can find a suitable Eco-friendly technology for their home.

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