Home Health Technology for your Home

If you’ve stood in queues at the clinic for treatment, isn’t it time you rigged up your place with home health technology and get treatment in the comfort of your home? Revolutionary health technology lets you control devices from your smartphone. The Bediator, for instance, provides ideal room temperatures during the winter. Unlike traditional radiators, the Bediator is an energy efficient radiator which turns into bed. Everybody knows that leaks in the home can cause dampness which is detrimental to health. Thermal leak detectors may help you monitor ducts and windows, and you can also save 20% on your cooling or heating bills. The Smart Body Analyzer is another revolutionary home health technology gadget, and as a health tracking scale, it measures body fat, heart rate as well as your weight and room air quality. It is known as a holistic health scale that helps you care for your own health as well as the quality of the air you’re breathing in each day. You know exactly when to clean your room of dust and clutter.

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