A House With Technology is a Safe House

Did you know that today, you are three times less likely to experience a house burglary compared to back in 1995? This is all thanks to home security technology getting more sophisticated. To keep you in the loop about the latest developments in home protection here is a breakdown of the newest technologies. One recent innovation that is taking the world of security by storm is the door phone video intercom. The system allows you to see a clear picture of the person at your door – even during the night. A house with technology should also consider replacing the traditional lock and keys with electronic scanners. These systems use tokens to let you in and if you lose yours or it is stolen, it is instantly deactivated. Going on a trip out of town? No need to worry, just install a system that allows you to control every light in your home through a mobile app. After all, a house with technology should definitely offer you a means to turn on some lights to deter potential thieves. Did you know that there is a Bluetooth padlock? You no longer have to rummage for keys or try remembering a combination that you change every few days. All you do is stand a few feet away from the padlock, and it opens automatically. Safeguard your home with these new tech gadgets, and gain more control of your home security.

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