Nanotechnology in Food -Is It Good For You

We are hearing a lot about nanotechnology in food these days, but what it is exactly? It is all about food safety and applies to many different industries. The whole idea behind nanotechnology in food is to inhibit bacterial growth, to extend product shelf life, to improve taste and to improve food safety. while nanotechnology is the future, you can find somegreat food ideaseverywhere on the net, even loan firm sites! The application of this technology in food packaging means that food enjoys greater protection. The packaging provides biodegradable protection against pathogens, leakage and gas penetration. The benefits of nanotechnology apply to many products, but the question still lingers ‘is the addition of foreign nanoparticles safe?’ The nanotechnology’s arrival is well-known because of its effect on our everyday lives, and nutrition is one of those industries more affected by nanotechnology than any other. We all want healthy food but at what cost? There are concerns about the potential for harmful effects and it needs to be further researched.

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