Smart technology in the home: Make your home sustainable and efficient

One of the recent trends in technology innovations is ‘smart home’. Many people have utilised smart technology in the home to automate a wide variety of operations. Most popular smart technology in homes includes smart heating. A smart thermostat is installed to enable the homeowner to control heating using their portable smart device even when away from home. You can now turn on your smart thermostat when you leave the office and meet a well-heated home on arrival. Think smart technology for your home and use hue lights. The homeowner can turn the lights on and off or change the bulbs’ colours and brightness using a smartphone app. Smart lights can be combined with smart electricity switches. When you plug any device into the switch, the device can be controlled over the internet. You can customise turning on and off devices hooked up to the switches. Smart technology in the home for security includes installing smoke detectors that talk to you when a fire-related problem occurs. Also, with the wide range of smart cameras and CCTV, you can remotely monitor movements in and out of your home. Other smart home monitoring devices help you to get notifications if you forget to unplug the iron from power or when a window is open. With such devices, you can reduce wastage of household resources while at home.

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