The Alarming Clock is designed to enhance your sleep and
waking experience by the introduction of a sleep routine.
Two alarms will signal each day; one morning and one evening alarm. This is to indicate when to begin your sleep routine to improve the duration and quality of sleep to at least 8 hours.
The signal is mechanically created to imitate the sound of a woodpecker drumming against a tree. Personalising the alarm
signal is made possible by placing the clock against
various surfaces or objects.

Sleep is vital for our over all well being.
Many of us just do not realise how important a regular sleep routine is and often overlook this. There are many gadgets and apps available to monitor how well you are sleeping but none that will help you improve it. Why is it so difficult to get out of bed?
Winding down before bed for at least half an hour will lead to a better quality of sleep, with more deep sleep achieved. This helps your brain to be less active meaning you are ready for sleep and not continuing to process information. The Alarming Clock makes you aware when that wind down period should start.
The lack of a clock face removes the issue of clock watching, one of the most
common sleep problems experienced.
When alarm signals jolt you awake this is because you were in a deep sleep and the alarm signal has scared your brain into waking. This is what leaves you feeling groggy and tired throughout the day but when you are awoken from a light sleep, created by your
sleep cycle, it is merely a gentle reminder to wake up.
By introducing a healthy sleep cycle, you are able to naturally program your body clock so that going to sleep and wakening become easier, more enjoyable and simply beneficial.

The Alarming Clock includes an automatic evening alarm, which indicates when to begin your sleep routine.

The time display is hidden under the product so clock watching is not possible allowing you a stress free night.

By using the Alarming Clock, you will develop a sleep routine and could achieve eight hours of quality sleep every night.

The alarm is mechanical & imitates the sound of a woodpecker. You can alter the sound by placing the clock against various surfaces and objects around your home.

Each clock is made-to-order & hand crafted in Britain from sustainable oak
making every Alarming Clock unique.

The Alarming Clock uses touch sensitive technology allowing for simple, natural use. Turning off & testing the alarm is as simple as touching the top.

We hand assemble each clock and manufacture using small batch runs. This can mean that The Alarming Clock can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to reach you.

Each Alarming Clock includes a 9v power adaptor and a signed, individually numbered certificate.

Estimated delivery: 2-6 weeks

UK & Europe only. CE Certified.

WEIGHT: 0.9kg

SIZE: 95 x 156 x 66mm


Delivery £3.75


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